OUDAERT  décolletage
Park machines (more than 50 machines on the site):
- CNC lathes from 10mm to 75mm, fixed and mobile dolls, 5 to 8 axes, 0.3mm to 75mm.
- CNC machining centers.
- Traditional machines: milling machines, drilling, sawing machines,...
Tél. : +32 2 521.42.43
Respect de l’envirronement à toutes les étapes deproduction.
Oudaert S.A. put at your disposal: - The latest production facilities generations. - The quality, from design to finish. - An offer service and design assistance. - An assurance of compliance with the envirronement. .
Quality and control:
- Control three-dimensional per camera and sensor.
- Control via metrology equipment.
- Provision of specific compliance report according to customer's request (ceritifacts material, unit certificate, ...)
Services and offers:
- Search for technical solutions, minimization of global cost, prototype realization, materials selection ..
- Mass production or on demand for cadences performed over time.
- Possibility of transport and delivery of series on fixed dates.
Environmental Protection:
- Oil treatment at all stages of production, via recovery and industrial wringer..
- Use of a high quality washing machine without chlorine.
- Optimal recovery chips, waste reduction and use at all levels of non-polluting products.
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